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ON/OFF, Modulating 4-20mA, 0-10V


BQ Series Electric Actuator


BQ Series electric actuator can be used for driving and controlling the butterfly valve,ball valve,plug valve and all kinds of 90 °rotating valve.The actuator is used for valve opening and closing,it can be either remotely controlled or local controlled.With the advantages of complete functions, reliable performance, advanced control system, convenient in operation and maintenance, etc,BQ series electric actuators are widely used in the fields such as electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, paper making, coal, water drainage etc. 
BQ series electric actuators is intelligent products.It can be added additional function options to meet the requirements of all kinds of industrial process control.
Actuator external coating processing can be adapted to corrosive environment. With explosion-proof structure,it can be applied to IIB level T1 - T4 level explosive mixture of 1, 2, dangerous work environment.

Model Instructions
Technical parameters 

Power supply

110/220V AC 1PH,380/400V AC 3PH 50/60Hz,±10%

control source

110/220V AC 1PH 50/60Hz,±10%


squirrel-cage induction motor ?F class

Limit switch


Torque switch

ON/OFF,SPDT,250VAC 10A(Except for BQ010)

Thermal protection

Built-in thermal protection, 
Open 120℃±5℃/Close97℃±5℃

Stroke Angle

90°±5°(0°-270°for option)

Position indicator

Disc with indicator arrow

clutch handle



?turbine worm mechanism

Mechanical limit

one for ON and one for OFF ,External adjustable


5W(110/220V AC)anti-condensation

Cable entry

2-G3/4 screw


EP lubricating oil


Spring terminals

Ambient Temp.

?-20℃~+70℃(except for circuit board option)

Ambient humidity

90%RH Max

insulating strength

1500V AV 1minute


Dry powder (polyester)

Production Feature
Liquid crystal display
The LCD screen real-time display of the valve opening rotary ?in digital, and real-time display alarm information according to the working situation. High brightness LED luminous tube indicate the valve open and close limit position.
How to control 
The signal of open or close angle can be remote controlled(optional remote control with 4 ∽ 20mA current signal ).Local control,spin the button to control valve position on site.
Status indicates: 
The relay contact output to indicate the limit of valve and fault alarm (optional 4 ~20 mA current output signal indicate the valve opening).
Adjustment without opening cover
Working parameter Settings, position limit test can be done by operating the rotary knob, do not need to open the electrical cover.This design can avoid the harmful material such as dust, moisture in the environment entering the interior of the actuator,.So that the reliability of the electrical control part are greatly improved.
High intellectualized
The actuator has the functions of man-machine dialogue.Electrical control part adopts the new SOC chip control, which is high intellectualized.
Aluminium alloy cover and body withsurface phosphating treatment has strong corrosion resistance feature.Protection class IP67.??? 
High efficiency low noise
Precision worm gear and worm deceleration institutions, has the features of small gap, high efficiency, low noise (maximum 50 db), long service life.
Worm gear and worm self-locking feature can avoid the actuator inversion in the case of power cuts or fault signal.
The clutch automatic reset
The actuator has a unique mechanical hands/automatic switching mechanism.Pull the clutch handle to manual operation,and oncethe motor receive electrical signals and start working, the clutch can automatically reset and the actuator back to automatic state.
The design of handwheel can ensure the safety of manual operation, energy saving.
Motor features
In accordance with the requirements of power supply,we adopt? single phase or three phase fully enclosed squirrel-cage induction motor, which has big startup torque, small rotational inertia.
Convenient and fast wiring
Wiring of the actuator adopts plug and socket. Outside wired to the plug, so we can remove the actuator just pull the plug. The plug is waterproof, explosion-proof, which can avoid the rewiring error during maintenance process.
Absolute coding position sensor 
Optional encoding position sensor is available for our intelligent quarter-turn actuators,which adopts the non-contact measurement, with high measuring accuracy and long service life.

Structure Dimensions

With the valve selection of reference 
Actuator selection above is only for reference.Pls pay attention to the actual valve torque, flow characteristics and so on. For special conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, water, poor application under corrosive condition, high vibration, selected actuator, please consult our engineer before sizing actuator.


Wiring drawing

BQ Modulating type 110V/220VAC/50/60Hz 1PH 




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